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Swiss Wealth Managers without a banking license are mostly invisible despite the growing market share. The disruptive "Match My Assets" platform is now changing the traditional rules of the game. Primarily as some wealth managers only specialise in a few countries to provide their clients with a uniform service. "Find Your Wealth Manager" allows wealthy clients, change seeking private bankers and executive search firms to find the optimal Swiss wealth manager free of charge.

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The common platform allows Swiss Wealth Managers to position themselves in the market.


Our solution is inexpensive. It permits wealth managers of different sizes to be part of it.

Data Quality

All Wealth Manager entries are manually checked for quality control.

Data Hosting

All data is stored by Infomaniak, a company based in Geneva.


Only Swiss Wealth Managers without a banking licence can register.

No Introducer Fee

We do not make any financial claims should the platform result in a deal. Success belongs only to you.

Swiss Wealth Managers Platform

Advantages for Wealth Managers

The financial sector and, increasingly, Wealth Managers play an important role in the Swiss economy. As a result, the war for talent is on the rise.

With "Match My Assets", we are therefore creating a disruptive opportunity to position yourselves vis-à-vis traditional banks and to offer market transparency.

Increasing regulation will reduce the running cost advantage over traditional banks so that in future, Wealth Managers can only survive with additional sources of income.

Swiss Wealth Managers Platform

Platinum Members

Match My Assets was introduced to increase the visibility of Swiss asset managers without a banking license. Wealth Managers presented here have decided to use the Platinum Membership for maximum visibility.

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Match My Assets
Swiss Wealth Managers Platform


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For over 40 years, I was a loyal private banker at a major Swiss bank. Meanwhile, my son also became a private banker. While he knew my closest clients and his descendants from his childhood, my bank rejected a "family-internal" transfer despite his wealth manager career. My country head wanted to divide my sizeable client book, promoting an internal solution. Within a short time, I found a client domicile matching independent wealth manager for myself and my son by searching on Match My Assets. My new employer even allows me to work flexible part-time after my official retirement age.

Semi-Retired Private Banker
Semi-Retired Private Banker 500MM+ Basel/Switzerland
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Match My Assets opened up a new market for me and my Private Banker clientele. Namely, it used to be impossible to find out which client domicile markets the 2,000+ wealth managers serve. Today, it only takes me a few seconds. While banks still pay hefty fees, the Wealth Managers show a much more entrepreneurial spirit in hiring private bankers with much shorter decision time.

Head-Hunter Zurich/Switzerland
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Thanks to Match My Assets, it was possible for me to check the client domicile market of wealth managers in stealth mode and to contact them in a focused way. Today, I am a happy employee of a Swiss Wealth Manager in Geneva.

Private Banker
Private Banker 200MM+ Geneva/Switzerland
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The Wealth Manager market has so far been opaque. In other words, it was impossible to check their market through a single website. With Match My Assets, I quickly found suitable Wealth Managers and subsequently contacted them independently. Today, I am a happy client of a Swiss Wealth Manager taking care of my several accounts and get a consolidated overview of my assets quickly.

UHNWI 60MM+, Lugano/Switzerland